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I'm excited to introduce myself and make a new friend!  My name is Tonja.  I am a wife, a teacher, teacher author, illustrator, and mother to five furbabies...yes, that's a lot, but they all hold a special place in our hearts.  I love my life and the chance for new adventures and challenges!  And the truth is, I find new challenges to add to my plate every day.

I currently teach Third Grade Math, but this fall I am returning to my first love - First Grade!

                                                                       Much Love!

I started my TpT journey a few short years ago and began selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This market has become an outlet for my creativity and a place for me to share and collaborate with educators all of the world.  I have several product lines that might interest you. My resources cover a variety of grades and content grades K-4.  You can view some of my most popular lines by clicking the images below...


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