Tire Seat DIY

Let's talk flexible seating! One of my favorite additions to my room this year are my tire seats.  Tire seats are SUPER easy to make!  Follow the simple steps below to make your own today!

The steps are simple, but let's start with what you need.  I wish I had more photos for you, but I didn't document the process as well as I had hoped, but I feel confident that with this process, you too can make tire seats!

You will need:

  • Old tires (These were donated by a local tire shop, they were very nice about helping)
  • Spray paint
  • Wooden round for each tire (these vary based on the size of the tire, but we bought them pre-cut at home depot for $7 each)
  •  Foam Pad for twin size bed ($10 at Walmart or batting - 1 foam piece will make 3 tires)
  • L brackets and screws
  • Fabric to cover the round
  • Staple gun


  1. CLEAN THE TIRES - I began by cleaning the tires really well.  You want to make sure the tires are nice and clean and free of nails or anything that could be sticking out and poke a child. The shop I went to checked them for nails for me. I used soap and water to scrub them down and then let them dry.
  2. SPRAY PAINT - I laid the tires on a drop cloth in the back yard and spray painted them with the 2X Rustoleum paint. It covered really well and for the most part needed only one coat. You will need one can per two tires.  I didn't spray all of the bottom, just what showed, but you could do the whole tire if you desired.
  3. STAPLE PADDING TO WOOD ROUND - We used a bed pad because it was cheaper and easier for us to find.  We folded the pad over and doubled it, cut it in a circle and then stapled it around the edge of the padding until it was attached to the wood round.
  4. WRAP AND STAPLE FABRIC - Next we cut the fabric in a round piece with enough slack to wrap it around the wood round with the padding. Then we secured it by stapling it to the bottom of the round as well.
  5. BRACE ROUND TO TIRE - Finally we used L brackets and screwed them from the bottom to attach the round to the tire and to secure it in place.
That simple! 5 easy steps!

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and that you have a chance to make them and have your children enjoy them as much as I know mine will!

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