Making Bulletin Board Bunting Letters

Bulletin board parts can become so expensive and I hate trying to store all of the punch out letters anyway. Instead, I like to print my own bulletin board letters out on pennants or bunting.  Below I will show you how this looks as well as some video tutorials on how to make your own bulletin board parts in just a matter of minutes!

As I have created bulletin boards over the years (13 of them). I have sought to make bulletin boards that don't require a lot of change, but have a great wow factor from year to year.

Through this process I have found that it is really important to have a good base to my boards.  Here are some tips for bulletin boards.

1. Have a print background with solid border or have a solid background with a print border, but NOT both. No matter how much they homogenize you run the risk of it being too busy or overstimulating.

2. Different textures bring a POP to the boards.  I like to use tissue paper or other handmade items to give my boards some 3-D effect and make them interesting.

3. Have Fun with it and make it functional! The biggest thing about my boards for me is that they have to be versatile and usable! I love all the cute stuff I see at teacher stores, but I don't want my boards taken up with fluff.  It is important that there is plenty of space for important learning tools and materials as we go through the year.  Keeping this in mind will help you to plan your boards for their best use.

SO onto what you came here for!  Often I go in the teacher store and I see all these super cute di-cut letters and they look AWESOME!  However, I began to find that I had to buy two and three sets to get the letters I needed.  The sets I had would tear or get lost, because I am no as organized in this area as I would like to be.  This caused me to search for other options. I came up with a way to make pennants and buntings for my boards that were quick to cut out and cute.  It helps that these ideas are super trendy and popular right now too.

Below you will find two videos on how to make these super simple letters for your boards.  After you make them you simply print, cut, and hang them. It is so simple and they will get you lots of compliments.

Here is another board showcase I did them for at my school.

 How to make a Pennant Bunting

Here is a video to show you how to make these super simple triangular letters in less than 10 minutes!

You can also learn how to make the bunting in this second tutorial below.

I hope these tutorials help you to have super awesome bulletin boards. Please feel free to leave me feedback below! I love to connect with my readers!

If you like these bulletin board letters, but don't have the time to make them, I do offer quite a few in my store.  Here is a link to that section of my store if you would like to check them out.

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