Holiday Gift Ideas!

Wow, where has time gone?!?  It has been far too long since I posted here.  My students have been busy preparing for benchmark testing.  We finished our Math and Reading benchmarks today and we can finally get in the mood for the holidays with crafts, math fun and all the great things that come with the season!

I am very blessed to teach in a school full of amazing people.  Those of you who have had the unfortunate experience of being somewhere with people you aren't as fond of know the significance in being somewhere that is full of people you like being around.  Part of my role on our campus is to head up the Social Committee on campus.  I get to do lots of fun things with our staff because of this.  Here are some of the ideas we are doing along with some freebies you might enjoy!

On my campus we are doing the 12 Days of Christmas.  Amongst those days we have a mixture of events, small staff gifts and dress up days for teachers and staff.

Here are 20 Great Ideas to get you started or to fill in your gaps...

1 Reindeer Noses
 We made reindeer nose bags and put them in teachers' boxes to kick off our festivities. You can get the printable by clicking here
    To make these you will need - 11 whoppers per person, 1 Raspberry Haribo or Cherry sour, small clear bags and the topper.

2 Reindeer Games during faculty meeting

3 Stress Relief Bubble Wrap
    Since we have had benchmarks this week.  We decided to put this in the teachers' boxes as an end to the testing.
     To get the topper click here.  I used the top of the celophane bag I cut off from the reindeer noses to cover the bubble wrap.  I slid the bubble wrap in and stapled it.  Simple gift.  It was great to hear the teachers walking down the hall popping it after school the day of the benchmark.  It brought about lots of laughter.

4 Ugly Sweater Day

5 Hot Cocoa and PJ Day
    We haven't had this one yet, so I will have to add pictures later.  We will have a hot chocolate bar and wear our PJs on the last day before break.  We will also listen to our principal read Polar Express.  We are uploading the recording to YouTube for teachers to watch in their rooms at their convenience.

6 Wear something SPARKLY

7 "Its beginning a lot like Christmas" - Wear your festive jewelry & ties

8 Antler Decorating
    We had an antler decorating contest and the teachers voted.  It was fun to see the creativity.  The winner got a box of Whoppers.  We called it reindeer food.

9 Coffee and Tea in the Teacher Lounge
10 Wear holiday colors
11 Photo booth in the school foyer for students and staff.  Students can make props in class.  You can click here to get the props we used.  Students colored and cut out and then had the opportunity to take their picture in the hallway by our school tree and backdrop.
12 Staff Party off Campus
      Our staff party is the favorite event of the year.  We go somewhere local, but not close to our school.  We have games, an ornament exchange, food and desserts.
13  Wishing you JOY, Papermate Ink Joy pen gift.
     I LOVE Ink Joy pens.  They write well and are bright colored.  They are reasonably priced as well.  If you get the clickables you pay more, but the stick version is roughly $2 for a package so they work great for a gift.  I made this little saying to go with my pens, wrapped around and stapled it.  Quick and easy gift. You can click here to get the card to fold over the pens.

14 "You are a gift to our staff"  Wrapping paper staff gift
15 Holiday shirt day
16 Jeans Pass  for the rest of the year (basically 2 weeks)
17  Delivery of favorite Sodas by Administrators - Down here in Texas we serve Sonic! :-)
18  Cozy Christmas Sock and Slipper Day - Wear your cozy socks
19 Santa hat day
20 Staff Scavenger Hunt

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