Sunday Scoop!

It has been a crazy fall semester and WAY too long since I last posted a Sunday Scoop.  Here is what I'm up to this week!

I'm super excited about the perimeter lesson I am creating.  I can't wait to get it all done and teach it to my kids and get the bugs worked out so I can share it.

I am head of the social committee for my campus.  Really what this means is I get to do the shopping for my school and plan the parties with the help of some other lovely ladies at my school.  I'm VERY excited about our upcoming Christmas party at a local BBQ joint here in Texas.  I have collaborated with our principal and we are going to do the 12 days of Christmas and do gifts and events for our staff.  I am excited to share the ideas with you all very soon.

Okay, I love teaching and I love creating, but I must admit...I hate uploading it into our school system.  I know  I shouldn't, but I think it is just the redundancy of having thought through everything, created it and then having to regurgitate it a third time is sometimes just so time consuming because I am on to the next thing in my head already.

Confession number 2...I LOVE decorating all things with Christmas.  However, the older I get the more I hate pulling the tree out and fluffing it.  I like doing the ornaments and all the other things that go with it.  I put off the tree fluffing this week and now I am getting the itch to get it all up, so I'm excited to do it all this week!

I'm hoping to catch some deals tomorrow and finish up my shopping for my family.  Then it is on to wrapping and putting it under the tree. :)

Lastly,  I have a couple of new sets of clip art that I am working on.  Drawing has become my outlet in a major way this year.  I was excited to upload my 50th set since starting my store in August.  I can't wait to see what happens over the next year as I get my name out there with my second store.It is so rewarding to see my drawings in other peoples' creations.

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  1. Hi Tonja! I'm also on the Social Committee here at my school. Another teacher and I decorated the teacher's lounge and set up a coke float bar for the 50th Day of School. It was really fun! That's great that you're doing presents for the staff! I know it's going to be a lot of work, but the staff will really love and appreciate all your hard work.

    Happy Days in First Grade


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