Multiplication Fun!

I haven't been here in a while! Shame on me...the year is just flying by!  I have so much to share its crazy...I'll start with multiplication though.

I love teaching multiplication!  To me it is one of the most fun things we learn in third grade.  Seriously!  (Okay, so I am realizing as I type I should come back and post some of my games I use - they aren't TpT ready...yet!)  Sometimes I notice my students get bogged down as we transition from the process to the word problems.  There is also the lull of sitting in their seats and having to put the paper to the pencil that bogs them down.  With Halloween coming up, I decided to get them up and moving.  I posted questions around the room and then had them solve.  This functioned much like task cards, but I decided to make them 8 1/2 x11 so that my students could see them well.

Here's what it looked like. These were posted all over the classroom. Snag your copy of my Word Problems here.

Here is a freebie for your kids to demonstrate their understanding of multiplication as well.  I used it as a quick assessment early on in my unit.  Click here to grab it.


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