I decided to change my theme this year in my classroom.  I did birds last year, but I just wasn't in love with them like I have been with themes I've had long term in the past.  While looking through things I've fallen in love with the Superheroes theme.  This all really came to life for me when I found this poster...

I loved this particularly because my last name is Irvine and it is so hard to find "I" words to put with it.  When I saw this, I knew I had to do Irvine's Incredibles as my theme for the year!  A lot of my things are intermingled and use an overall superhero theme, but this poster will be on the wall for sure!

Here are some more crafts I've made to perpare for a SUPER year!

Craft #1 - Some art work for above my desk...

I try to make most of my wall stuff very functional, but these are purely for show and will be above my desk (once I get in my classroom I'll post pictures of things actually finished).

Here's the How To...
What you'll need...

Comics (I found a pack for $3 at Half Price books...tell them you want cheap ones)
Canvas or thick cardboard
Craft Foam Sheets (2)
Glitter Craft Foam (2)
Hot Glue Gun

1. Go through comics and cut out the pictures you want and place them on the board. You will want to cover the entire border of the board, but you can leave a hole where you will put the foam.

2. Lift each picture one at a time and ModPodge under each and smooth the picture down.

3.  Set the canvas aside and let them dry.  I waited about an hour.  When they are dry, ModPodge over the top of the comics.

4. Cut out bursts on the foam.  To do this I folded my foam in half and the cut a burst on half.  This way it will be even on both sides.  Then hot glue it to the board in the hole that you left open on your canvas.

5. Trace and cut out letters from the glitter foam.  I free handed mine.  If this is hard for you I would suggest tracing chip board cut outs or other letters and then cutting them out.  Another option would be to buy predone letters.  When you have the letters cut out glue them to the foam burst.  BAM!  You have your very own superhero artwork!

NOTE:  I saw this idea on Pinterest fof a chid's bedroom.  I decided I wanted to do it with words that pertained to my classroom, thus the CREATE and THINK.


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