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No teacher starts his or her school year saying, "How can I fail this year?"  We all want to be successful and have a great year!  So my question this week as I link up to join Mrs. D's Corner and Miss V's Busy Bees is, "What will make you successful this year?"

Now for me, there are some vital things that I do every year to start me off on the right foot.  Here are my Top 3 Tips to a Successful Year, because lets be real, we all have things to do and you don't have time for twenty! lol

Create a Great Environment for Success...

 (This is my room last year.)

For me the most important thing for me at the start of school is my room.  Now, what exactly in your room depends on you.  For me, its how the room looks.  I spend a couple of weekends and weekdays in the summer crafting things I've found on Pinterest or thought of throughout the past year.  These things make my heart happy.  For some people it is the organization of papers or lesson plans.  Pick the one that is most important to you and get it done first.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when my room is decorated and ready to go!

Having an inviting environment makes students feel welcomed, parents feel like you care, and it helps you to feel good in the room you're in for seven hours or more  day.  Someone once asked me why I spent so much time on my room decor, and the truth is its often a little selfish.  I want a happy room if I'm going to be in it all day.  The better it looks, the better my mood, and that benefits my kids.

 Find Creative Ways to Reach Out To Students...

(Notice the bottom right picture.  This is a small gift I made for students last year.)

First impressions are everything!  I'm actually trying something new this year and stepping out of my comfort zone.  I plan on calling my kids before Meet the Teacher to welcome them and to talk to parents.  The thing I hate the most as a teacher is the phone calls.  I don't mind being on the phone, but I hate being the one to call.  However, I realize how important this is to building relationships with my kiddos.  If you aren't comfortable with this you might consider sending a post card home instead.

If you don't have time or don't get your list in time to do those things there are other ways to reach out and make a great impression on students and parents.  Some of these include a Welcome packet, small gift on the desk for students at Meet the Teacher or the first day of school, and/or a PowerPoint about yourself that runs while Meet the Teacher is going on or the beginning of the first day while parents are meeting you for the first time.  There are TONS of ideas on student gifts on Pinterest.  I have a whole board, check them out here:  /  or follow this blog where I will post them often. (PSSST I will also have pictures of all of these things up very soon after I set up my classroom this week!)

Organize Yourself...

Organization means different things to different people.  My organization is very different from most so I know this all too well.  You might come in my classroom and you will find a stack of papers there and they don't bother me one bit, but man if you messed with the files on my computer it would be a totally different story!  So find the things that make you feel organized and get them done and then step back and breathe.

My most important thing to have organized is whatever I need run for the first couple of days of school.  As we all know, the first few days are hectic and sometimes we don't get planning.  So having everything you need ready is important.  Another thing that I like organized is the school supplies.  I like to have places already designated for everything.  This year, I hope to have labels out for students to put them up at Meet the Teacher so I'm not scrambling as much on the first day or taking as much class time.  Having a home for all the supplies helps everyone to feel a little more at ease and to get the year off to a great start!

Hope you enjoyed my tips!  Tell me, what do you find most important?

Stay tuned for my classroom photos coming soon!


  1. A great three top tips, Tonja and I loved all your photos. Environment is so important to ensure the children want to be there at school and happy to learn so I agree in using creativity to reach out to them and make learning enjoyable. My keys to success are now posted on the linky so feel free to check them out too! Lovely to meet you :-) Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Its great meeting you too! Thank you for your response. I will go and check out your blog as well! :-)


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