Meet The Teacher Gift

Meet the teacher is around the corner for me.  School starts back and that first week we have to be prepped and ready to go, as many of you do.  I wanted to make it a point to get myself together early this year.  Last night thanks to my fabulous friend Tammy, we got the first thing made for my desk of goodies.

Here it is...Blow Pop Superheroes!

These were WAY easier to make than I expected!
Here's how we did it...

You will need:

Blow Pops (I bought 2 bags, there are only 16 in one)
SMALL 1 Hole Punch
Tags and Masks

Click Here for a link to the Superhero cape and mask I used.

Steps #1:  Print and cut masks.
Step #2:  Tape mask on the BlowPop. I did it on the part where it overlaps and puckers a little to better seal the sucker.

Step #3: Hole punch the point at the top of the cape.  I found this super cute star punch in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby that I used.  It doesn't make a difference but I liked the size. You want to make sure you don't use a regular hole punch because the hole will be too big and the cape will fall.

Step #4:  Carefully slide on cape.

TaDa!!! You have Superhero (aka SUPER CUTE) Suckers for Meet the Teacher!

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