Math Concept Wall...

This is the most exciting thing I've changed in my room this year!

I went from being a Kindergarten teacher to a Third grade math teacher last year.  I was excited to take on this challenge, but not sure how prepared I was.  I went in my room last year, decorated it as I always had and really put thought into my walls.  To my dismay though, about the fourth week into school, I realized...this word wall ain't cuttin' it!  I had done a tradition wall with letters up to organize our Math Vocabulary.  Don't get me wrong, it looked cute, it was functional, but the truth was it wasn't doing what I wanted it to.

As the year went on, I came to this idea...a concept wall.  I have organized it in the order of the concepts I teach.  Each concept has a place for an anchor chart, vocabulary, and I also plan to put in key things to look for to know that the question asked falls under each particular concept as we get closer to testing season.

This is the beginning stages of this process.  I plan on putting my anchor charts on metal rings and hanging them from push pins in the wall so that we can flip through the charts we need.  As we all know, wall space is a high commodity and hanging every chart and having plenty of space to do so is highly unlikely to happen.  There is one more area that goes with this wall, it also has a  - This Week section that is located at the front of the room.

The board at the front of the room is where I will place the concept as we learn it.  Then, once it is finished it will be moved to the concept wall in the back.  The key to this is having the posters on rings so they are easily moved.  As I make these throughout the year, I will post pictures of what it looks like to give more ideas. So stay tuned! :-)

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