Its Gettin' a Little Puffy!: DIY Puffs for the Classroom

I have become a fan of the PUFF!  I have them all over my room this year, some are bought and some are DIY made.

I found it easier to make the ones that are on my boards because I only needed half a puff and they were quick to make.  Here is how...

You will need:

Tissue Paper
Word Blasts
Hot Glue and Glue Gun

How to do a half puff for a bulletin board...

1. Accordian fold your paper. (6 sheets)
2. Cut it in half (you can get two puffs from one package of paper)
3. Staple one end.
4. Cut the other end into a V.
5.  Carefully pull apart tissue paper.
6.  Take word blast and put some hot glue at the top and the bottom.
7.  Separate to pieces of tissue from the middle of your puff and stick the word blast two each part.
8.  Staple to hang on the wall.

The process is the same for a hanging puff.  Only instead of cutting it in half and stapling it, you will tie a string around it instead.

Check out how I hang my puffs without a latter or standing on a chair or desk by clicking here.

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