DIY No Sew Curtains

I am many things when it comes to crafting, a sewer is definitely not one of them! I always joke that its because I don't like following rules.  I joke, but its least when it comes to crafting.  I like to just look at something and replicate it by my own means.  Sewing, has rules which is not relaxing and I usually want to throw the machine and all other contents out the window.

Well, a few years ago I discovered a great product, Liquid Stitch.  It was a match made in heaven!  It is one of the easiest things to use and the end product is great.  See for yourself...

My theme this year is Superheroes, which if you look at the stores curtains are expensive.  This was a much cheaper fix.  I have two windows, so I purchased 1 1/2 yards of fabric from JoAnn's Fabric.  They accept coupons from other retailers so I used a 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby, making the fabric around $6 a yard.

Ok, so here's the process.  (It took me about 30 minutes to make two)

You will need:
Liquid Stitch
Curtain Rod
Hot Glue and Glue gun

First cut your fabric the length you need it.  (I cut mine in half, because half the width was plenty long for the valance.)

Second you will take the top part and fold it over about two inches.  (I put my rod in and then fold it over to make sure it has plenty of room.)  Make sure it is even all the way across. You can use the fabric pattern to help you line it up if you have trouble making straight lines.

Then go back to the folded edge and glue the top part that is now folded on top of the bottom, press down and let is dry for a few minutes while lying flat.

Then go and do the bottom using the same method, only it need to be about an inch folded over instead of two.  You will use this same process to do the sides as well if your fabric is cut.  If it isn't cut on the sides and the edge won't fray then  you can honestly just leave it as is if you like the look.

Final step is the ribbon if you so choose.  For it you will need to glue the ribbon across the top using the liquid stitch, again using your pattern to guide the line to make sure it is straight.  To do the bow, make a bow and then hot glue it on top in the desired spot.  (I find the hot glue works better for this because it is heaver than fabric.)

Enjoy your new No Sew curtains!


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