DIY Ceiling Hanger

Please tell me I am not the only one that gets tired of being a wall climber at the beginning of the year in my best efforts to hang all those cutesy things I've made or bought on the ceiling or the walls?!  I love the after effect, but any way to avoid crawling on one more chair and I am in...can I get an amen?!?

Well, thanks to my handy dandy ceiling hanger, I have one less thing to crawl to the ceiling for.  This is a life saver!  Keep reading to find out how to make yours here.

Here's how to do it!

You will need...

1 dowel rod
1 Popsicle stick
 Hot glue and glue gun

(and button magnets for anything you want to hang)

1. Break your Popsicle stick in half (as even as possible) and cut off the shards that hang on the sides.
2.  Put a large bead of hot glue on the top of you dowel rod.
3.  Place the Popsicle sticks about 1/4" apart from one another into the hot glue and allow to dry.

It is really that simple. Are you having a "Why didn't I think of this before moment yet?"  So simple and makes life so much least it did for the chair climbing desk balancing teacher!

SO I made my puffs (click picture to find out how.)  This is how I hung it...

Then, I tied fishing line to them and tied the fishing line to a button magnet.  Upon tying it to the magnet I put some hot glue on the magnet to secure it so it didn't slip off.

After it has dried you slide the magnet into your DIY hanger and put it up to the ceiling near a metal part, it will cling to the metal and there yah go.  No climbing on a chair, its hung and easy to move in the future.

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