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I've tried to start a blog more than once now, but this is it! Today it really happens! I hope you will check here often for information on education, links to great products, and great discussions about the classroom!

A little about me... My name is Tonja and I'm a teacher, wife, mom to furbabies, curriculum creator, friend, family member, crafting queen, walking mess, and joyful woman...and everything in between! If its creative I'm there! I love my job! Teaching is the best thing I could fill my day with! It isn't without challenges, but I view those as problems to be solved and minds to change. I work really hard to make my classroom a place where students are successful, feel safe and learn more than they could have imagined! I will start my 12th year of teaching in the fall. All my years have been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. In that time the majority of my years have been spent in K-2. However, in the last couple of years I have graduated to the upper grades and have taken on the challenge of learning to teach kiddos to pass "the test" while still allowing them to learn all that is so important to get in third grade.

If you read this blog, say hi! Please chime in with ideas and opinions! I'd love to hear from you!

Tonja Irvine

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