Vegas BABY!!!

Woohoo!  I am beyond excited to head to Vegas this weekend for the first EVER Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Convention.  Laundry is done and ready to be packed, I'm checking off the "to do" list and getting everything in order!  My dogs are already starting the pouting! (They hate when I go somewhere. lol)

I just have to stop in all the hustle and sit back and say WOW! I am so amazed and what's going on for me in life right now!  If you had told me just five short years ago I'd own my own company that is a growing business and reaches people around the globe, I would have smiled and said, "Wow! That sounds like a lot of work!"  Well, lol, it is!  It is so worth it though!  I love how creating things that are used not only in my classroom, but it others all over, makes me a better and more thoughtful teacher!  As I head out for this trip I am excited and humbled all at the same time.  Excited to learn new things, meet new faces, and become a better me.  I am also humbled, it means a lot to have people that believe in your products and ideas...and trust me enough to try them in theirs!

Look out Vegas, here we come!  (Lucky to have the hubs with me!)  I hope to have time to blog along with way on the trip and update everyone...even if its just myself, since right now no one reads this blog but me...we and maybe my mom (*waves* Hi Mom!). lol.  Hopefully that changes soon!


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